Who we are

June 8, 2018 0 By The Stork

We’re just a mom and a dad (Elise and Ben), with a couple of kids, looking for the best prices on diapers and other baby things.  And who knew that diaper prices could change on a whim? And who has time to go to multiple stores to compare such ever-changing prices? We sure didn’t and we sure don’t – so we created a tool give us some answers on demand.

The diaper game

We tend to buy diapers on a monthly basis for our toddler. We’ve got one in diapers and one who is potty trained – woot woot!!.  About a year ago when we started this journey, my husband Ben would sit on the couch with his computer and spend quite a long time (more than he’d like to admit) comparing diaper prices across the big box stores and online retailers (Amazon, Target, Costco, etc.).  This quickly turned into a math game (err – spreadsheet) trying to get to the per diaper price and then identify which pack size was the best deal. Anyone else spend time on this?!?!  When he returned a month later to buy more diapers, the spreadsheet was obsolete as all of the pricing had changed.  Growing up in the world of Kayak.com, we knew there had to be an easier and faster way to search the entire marketplace. 

Our solution

My whiz-brain husband (who is a magician when it comes to creating software and online solutions) just decided to whip up a tool to do this for us.  And then we were on to something.  Soon we will expand this site to include wipes and formula, as we know those are huge expenses too.  We are always looking to make the site faster and easier to use – so any suggestions are welcome!